High-quality food at about half price.

 FoodMaven is an innovative new food distributor bringing agility and flexibility to the big food system. We bring you high-quality local and oversupplied food – lost food – at about half price.


Save Money

You’ll save an average of 50% off wholesale prices on every order when you use FoodMaven as a complement to your current suppliers.


High-Quality Food 

FoodMaven gets you high-quality oversupply, imperfect, and local food, all from trusted manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and local producers.

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Simple Ordering & Delivery

Easy online marketplace ordering, convenient delivery windows, flexible payment options, and a friendly, customer-focused service team.


Variety and Creativity

FoodMaven brings you new products and local options beyond what you’re likely getting from your current suppliers.


Best Practices Food Handling

FoodMaven complies with all food handling best practices and regulations, and provides all nutritional and quality information, all readily available online.

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Make a Difference

With FoodMaven, you get to improve your bottom line while making a positive social impact. FoodMaven donates unsold food to hunger relief. What’s more, FoodMaven operates on a zero-landfill policy - we instead employ more environmentally and economically enlightened solutions. In short, FoodMaven is good for profits, good for people, and good for the planet.


Join Today

To sign up and register for a FoodMaven account, you must be affiliated with a licensed restaurant, institutional cafeteria or commercial kitchen.

If that’s you, please fill out the form below. Your information will be promptly verified, and we will send you confirmation and marketplace login credentials.

We’re one call away if you need help: (719) 472-3113 x 2