FoodMaven is an innovative online marketplace and rapid logistics company bringing agility and flexibility to the U.S. food system. The company’s goal is to capture and reclaim revenues from lost food, estimated at $200 billion per year.

FoodMaven sells high-quality local and oversupplied food from distributors, manufacturers and producers to restaurants and institutional buyers at about half price. Moreover, buyers and sellers using FoodMaven make a positive social and environmental impact. Unsold food is donated to hunger relief organizations, and FoodMaven operates on a zero-landfill policy. With an efficient Internet marketplace, big data optimization technology, and agile logistics model, FoodMaven is good for profits, good for people and good for the planet.

Currently serving the Front Range metro areas of Colorado, FoodMaven will deploy nationally in 2018. 


FoodMaven was named the Exceptional Newcomer for 2017 by the Colorado Restaurant Association. 

"Our Exceptional Newcomer for this year's Industry Spotlight Awards is FoodMaven - an online B2B marketplace for the foodservice industry that distributes oversupplied food from retailers, distributors and wholesalers directly to the foodservice buyer. Directly tackling a growing food waste problem in the US by offering a solution that connects businesses and attempts to prevent adding more to the landfills."

Check out the Colorado Restaurant Association here



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Patrick Bultema

Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO

Bultema is an experienced venture-backed executive, widely recognized as a company and industry maker. He has served as CEO, Founder and Exec Chairman of numerous companies. He has served boards of scores of startups, as well as worked in venture capital firms. His family still runs the farm he grew up on, so it pains him to know so much food is thrown away that they worked so hard to produce. With a Master of Divinity from Princeton, he values a stewardship approach to our planet and its inhabitants. 

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Bryce Luken

Vice President Finance

Luken is the modeling, administration, and finance guy at FoodMaven. He currently heads up and teaches entrepreneurship in the Innovation program at the U.S. Air Force Academy. As an Air Force officer, he was responsible for logistics and procurement for extremely complex space systems. Luken has a BS from USAFA, where he played collegiate football. He also has an MS from Florida Tech in Information Systems, and an MBA in entrepreneurial finance from UCLA. 


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Tony DeLollis

Chief of All Things Tech

DeLollis has been a senior technology executive with a wide range of companies. Currently CTO of RO Innovations, DeLollis began with Trilogy, BMC, USA.Net, FrontRange, and others. DeLollis was an Air Force missile defense officer and spent time with launch keys around his neck babysitting nuclear missiles, so he gets "mission critical." He has a BA and MS(ABT) in Computer Science from Texas State.

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Megan Cornish

Vice President Government & Industry Affairs

Cornish provides leadership through the tangle of regulations, policies, and industry affairs that characterize the food ecosystem. She has years of lobby and legislative experience in Washington, D.C., serving in two congressional offices and on a number of campaigns. She has a Masters in Food Policy from Johns Hopkins University and a Bachelor's in Political Science from Colorado College. 


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Hans Bultema

Director of Supply

Bultema brings a background in international business and government to FoodMaven. He leads Supply Operations, where he works with suppliers ranging from local growers and ranchers, to processors and manufacturers, all the way down to some of the largest food retailers in the country. Bultema has a BA from CU Boulder and a Master’s from the George Washington University. He is an avid gardener and is a firm believer that food is medicine after he used diet to cure chronic illness. 

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Isabella Castrillo

Director of Product

Castrillo is a technical product leader with a proven talent for delivering meaningful results, exemplified by her most recent role in helping grow Datalogix to 6x revenue, 35x price per share, 92% internal rate of return, and a $1.2B sale to Oracle. She has experience in distribution and logistics and the digital advertising industry, as well as a strong foundation in all facets of the software development life cycle and associated methodologies.  She graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Oklahoma with a double major in International Business and Management Information Systems. 


Dan Johnson

Advisor- Econometrics & Analytics

Johnson is an expert in the economics of innovation and econometric modeling. He provides FoodMaven the algorithms and models for optimizing everything from pricing to route optimization. Johnson is the Schlessman Professor of Economics at Colorado College, with a BS from the University of Ottawa, MS from the London School of Economics, and PhD from Yale.

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Dan Lewis


As a student at Colorado College, Lewis helped organize a food rescue organization. Upon graduation, he served as its full-time Executive Director, donating hundreds of thousands of pounds of food to charities. This gave Lewis on-the-ground insights and experience with the surplus food issue and grocery operations. But he also realized focusing on the economic opportunity was the path to real impact. As a fairly recent graduate from Colorado College, Dan heads up innovation, new initiatives and R&D at FoodMaven.


FoodMaven is hiring!

Want to join an awesome startup with a big mission? FoodMaven is hiring for multiple positions in Colorado Springs and Denver.